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Message from Chairwoman

Dear Parents,

Greetings to all! I am Nina Zarina the new Chairwoman of the Unity Parents Support Group (UPSG).

I was first introduced to the UPSG in 2009. It was the first day of school for my twin sons and like every parent, I was excited and nervous as I stood watching my boys and looking around the vicinity of the school while pondering at the many uncertainties and challenges that awaited them.

Looking at their faces, I could tell that they were as excited and enthusiastic as the other children. They were prepared to face all the challenges and obstacles ahead of them. Almost instantly, I was filled with the urge and drive to get myself involved in the school, with the hope that this would create an opportunity for me to be involved with my children’s progress and development in school.  It was then that I decided to put my career on hold and devote my time to join Unity Parents’ Support Group (UPSG).

My first involvement started with the Project Ballpark-soccer, where for the very first time I learnt to play soccer at my boys’ level, just to give them the support and to showcase my ‘sportsmanship’.  It did not stop there! I also helped out with the Sports Day, Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day celebrations. I became involved in practically most of the events that required my help. In 2010, when netball was first introduced in the Project Ballpark, I took the lead and became the leader in the netball team.

I believe that as parents, we need to be pillars of strength in our children’s lives not only financially, but also emotionally. Through our motivation and positive approach. I am confident that our children will have a smooth sailing in their holistic learning journey and will enjoy every step of their academic excellence. I also believe that with our continuous support and participation, together we can foster and build good relations not just between the parent and children but also between the parent and teachers.

The school is not just an avenue for our children to gain their education and knowledge. It must also be a place where learning becomes interesting and goals accomplished. But all this would not be possible, if we do not play our part to contribute and generate many more great ideas that will benefit them – the younger generation.

I thank you all for your time and commitment that you have rendered so far and look forward to welcome many more new members in the UPSG circle.

Warmest Regards
Nina Zarina
Chairwoman, UPSG
“We are here to support our children”

About Us

Our Motto: “We are here to Support our Children”

Unity Parents’ Support Group (UPSG) was first formed in August 2002 with 24 parent volunteers. UPSG adopted the motto of “We are here to support our children” to see us through our mission. Now we have a membership of more than 150 parents who are actively involved in various school’s programmes and activities. Some programmes are initiated by UPSG, others are school’s programmes such as P1 Orientation, Racial Harmony Day, Sports Day, Learning Journeys, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day in which UPSG have been actively supporting.

Under the leadership of Ms Nina (Chairwoman) and the EXCO team, team leaders and assistant leaders have been formed to lead parent volunteers in the various programmes and projects that are aligned with the school’s mission, vision, core values and strategic thrusts.

UPSG lives up to the commitment and the objectives that it has set out to achieve. They are:

  • To SUPPORT Unity’s children in their quality learning and character development
  • To SERVE using UPSG as a platform for 2-way communication as well as feedback channel for the school
  • To ENCOURAGE parents to participate in school’s activities/programmes
  • To STRENGTHEN family ties and promote cohesiveness among UPSG members

To further enhance the communication network, an editorial team was setup to reach out to more parents. UPSG initiated the Ballpark Project whereby families could come together on Sundays to have some outdoor fun with their children, engaging in games of soccer, netball and badminton. Speech and Drama is also another enrichment programme organised by UPSG and conducted by a professional vendor to develop language skills and confidence of the P1 & P2 pupils.

We look forward to the continuous support of parents and aspire to reach out to more parent volunteers to share and contribute their experiences to UPSG.







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