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Arts and Aesthetics

Arts and Aesthetics


The department will develop pupils into individuals with a positive attitude for lifetime involvement in the creation and appreciation of the arts.


We will provide opportunities for pupils to be exposed to various types of music and musical cultures of other ethnic groups so that they can appreciate the arts.

Programme Highlights/Enrichment Activities

P4 Pottery Art Program

The P4 Pottery Art program aims to provide pupils with the experience of ceramic work. The introductory workshop will familiarize students with materials and tools used in hand-building pottery. This involves skills like coil building, slab building, pinching and hollowing. The 6 session workshop enables pupils to create clay art. Classes to start in Term 3.

P5 Batik Painting Program

Batik has been both an art and a craft for centuries. In this program, pupils learn the contemporary batik painting art form using the cold wax method. The cold wax method is safer for the pupils as it does not involve burning of hot wax. Pupils learn how to do etching and dyeing with different tools on silk and cotton cloth. By the end of the program, pupils will be equipped with the skills to create a beautiful Batik art. Classes to start in Term 2.

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