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Creative and effective teaching of Mother Tongue Languages


To develop our pupils to be intrinsically motivated learners of Mother Tongue Languages and culture.

Programme Highlights / Enrichment Activities

Reading Programme

  • Critical Thinking Accelerated Programme (CAPtivate) (Primary 1 – 6)
    The aims of this programme are to develop pupils’ thinking process to solve problems and make informed decisions as well as to enable pupils to communicate and articulate thoughts in written and oral form effectively and with confidence. Suitable and age-appropriate reading materials are selected for this programme. Teachers carry out suitable reading strategies/activities weekly and monitor pupils’ reading progress closely.
  • Subscription to Gen-G (Primary 5 – 6)
    To inculcate the habit of reading Malay newspaper and make it an enriching experience, P5 and P6 pupils subscribe to this compact pull-out. Teachers make use of the engaging and interactive articles to hone pupil’s language skills and enliven the learning of the Malay language in the classroom.

    Activities during Extensive Reading Programme

Enrichment Programme & Learning Journey

  • Primary 1 – Speech & Drama Course
    This course is one of the strategies adopted to develop language skills and provide opportunities for creative and aesthetic development in our pupils. Language is taught through the world of literature through drama activities. In this course, pupils are taught to communicate clearly, expressively and effectively.
  • Primary 2 – Storytelling Workshop
    The programme will help the pupils to develop their enjoyment of stories and storytelling, understand the art and some of the different styles of storytelling as well as build their confidence to tell stories.
  • Primary 3 – Cultural Camp
    This programme aims to promote awareness in Malay culture and to enhance pupils’ cultural intelligence. Pupils are exposed to the Malay rich cultural heritage through fun and interesting activities such as batik painting, traditional music and traditional games.

Learning ML using iPOD (on left) & Our budding artists at work. (on right)

Games of Yesteryears


P1 – P6 Mother Tongue Week

The main purpose of the Mother Tongue Week is to enthuse our pupils in the learning of our Mother Tongue languages. It also gives them the opportunity to explore their creativity as well as develop social skills and the ability to work in collaboration with others.During the MT Fortnight, pupils take part in activities such as games, quizzes, dramas and workshops.


Workshop for Parents @ Unity Parents’ Symposium

In UPS, we conduct yearly workshops for parents on how they can help their children in Malay Language. We want to promote active involvement of parents in their children’s learning and collaborate with parents to enhance and support pupils’ learning for academic excellence.

Teachers and parents collaboration to support pupils’ learning

Other Activities

  • Conversational Chinese or Malay (CCM)
    • CCM course have been organized as part of our school efforts to equip our pupils with lifelong skills to interact with others and understand the different cultures in our community. The objective of the programme is to enable our pupils to converse using simple sentences in Chinese or Malay. The programme also brings about a greater understanding of each other culture.


– contains various teaching resources in ML including interesting digital games

-National library official website that provides e-book

-provides local news

-informs activities carried out by Malay Language Council of Singapore

– online dictionary

Smartphone App

  • Pintar Kata (Words Formation)
  • Cerita Rakyat Nusantara (ML stories App)
  • Pintar Peribahasa (Idioms App)

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