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School Safety

School Safety

In Unity Primary, we firmly believe that safety habits and consciousness must prevail among students and staff to enable effective teaching and learning. To ensure that the safety standard is ever strengthened and improved, we closely align the safety framework and programmes to our school values, mission and vision. And through the journey of towards achieving these goals, we continue to strive for excellence in creating a safe, conducive environment for our students and staff.

Our Safety Vision

To create a safe environment and develop a strong sense of safety consciousness to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

Our Safety Mission

A strong safety culture in the school.

Our Safety Approach

1. Our School Safety Committee takes directions and follows up from safety reviews, incident records as well as good practices in devising the yearly safety work plans that support our safety mission and vision.


2. We are committed to constantly engaging our parents and external partners to help us in improving our safety programmes and standards.


Our Safety Focus

To realize our safety vision and mission, our focus is to continually develop on pertinent areas as shown especially in the training of staff to develop their skills in managing safety and in educating our students in enhancing safety awareness.


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